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Pete The Pony Children’s Books 3 options

Pete The Pony Children’s Books 3 options

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Pete Goes To School

Join Pete as he goes to his first day of school. At first, he is nervous about what others will think of him, if they will make fun of him and if he will fit in. Then, Pete remembers Mom’s guidance on the importance of showing random acts of kindness, how a smile can make someone's day, and how helpful it is to be a leader.
Made in United States

Pete Goes Skiing

Pete is jealous that his horse friends are getting new saddles and he is not. He becomes ungrateful and complains. His Mom sends him to his wise Aunt Rhonda who teaches Pete about how to be grateful for what he has. This easy-to-read colorful story provides an easy way for children to begin a daily habit of showing gratitude.
Made in United States

Pete Goes To Dinner

Pete the Pony continues sharing his life lessons in this fun, lighthearted, educational series. In Pete Goes to Dinner, Pete and his new friends teach the importance of manners and respect while eating at a restaurant.
Made in United States

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