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Bettina Norton Car Sticker

Bettina Norton Car Sticker

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I’ve always wanted a cool Horse Girl sticker for my car... something to put on the back that shows off to the world what I love. Something classy and authentic.
But I haven’t been able to find one....
Soooooooo... I made one!!!
I put it on my car today, and it looks sooo perfect!
Want one?!
They are perfect for the back of your car, your laptop or water bottle.

(Car and bottle not included ;)


White cut out sticker
Supplies are limited
Great gift!
Perfect for your car, laptop or water bottle! Or anywhere else you can think of.

Installation instructions:

It's simple, first, clean the area really well with soap and water.
Then rub completely dry.
Once you've done that, carefully remove the papery layer on the back so that the sticky side is revealed.
The press the white sticker and clear plastic layer onto where you want to sticker to be.
Rub that on really well, untill it feels very secure.
And then (this is the most tricky part) carefully peel the clear layer off of the white sticker. so that the sticker remains and the clear plastic is gone.
Voila! you're now a bonafide horse girl :)

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