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Gypsy Dreams Boutique is your new one stop shop for equestrian lifestyle home decor, gifts and more. Owner and founder, Kristan, has had a lifelong love affair with horses  and always dreamed of owning a Gypsy Vanner Horse. On her 50th birthday, she finally got her Dream horse, WHR Dreamer. She has since added Daisy to her family  and they are now the inspiration and heart behind the boutique.

Kristan thrives off of helping curate the "perfect" gift. Whether it is for yourself (treat yourself, honey!), family or a friend - she is thrilled to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Have an idea but don't see it on our website? Reach out to collaborate with Kristan to find that perfect present. 

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About the Gypsy Vanner Horse Breed:

According to the GYPSY VANNER HORSE SOCIETY, soon after World War II, a vision was born by the Gypsies of Great Britain to create the perfect caravan horse; “a small Shire, with more feather, more color and a sweeter head” was the goal. Selective breeding continued virtually unknown to the outside world for over half a century until two Americans, Dennis and Cindy Thompson, while traveling through the English countryside, noticed a magical looking horse standing in a field. It was that very horse who became the key to unlocking the heretofore-unknown vision and genetics that created the Gypsies’ “vanner” breed (a horse suitable to pull a caravan). Be it good fortune, good luck or pure Gypsy magic, a passion was born in the Thompson’s to understand the little stallion that captured their attention and stole their hearts. It would take years of research – without the help of the Internet – to learn about this special horse and, just as importantly, the colorful culture, which had created it.

Invited by the stallion’s owner, the Thompsons attended Appleby, (the oldest horse fair for Gypsies in the world) with the sole purpose of developing a better understanding of Gypsies and their horses. For ten days they introduced themselves to every Gypsy who bought or sold a quality looking horse and then documented contact information for later pursuit. The discovery of that one special little stallion and ten days turned a curiosity about Gypsies and their horses into an obsession. – Dennis Thompson, GVHS Co-Founder

  • Naming the unnamed breed “Gypsy Vanner Horse”.
  • Documenting the Vanner breed standard based on years of listening to the spoken words of dedicated Gypsy breeders. Respecting the spoken words of Gypsies who have dedicated lifetimes in the pursuit of their dream is a commitment of the GVHS mission contained in its by-laws. 
  • Writing the mission statement of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society.  
  • Developing the four goals of the GVHS.  
  • Importing the first two Vanner fillies (Bat and Dolly) November 24th 1996.
  • Importing the first two Vanner stallions (Cushti Bok and The Gypsy King) Easter Sunday 1997 and Easter Sunday 1998.
  • Importing a total of fourteen mares and two stallions for the breed’s introduction in June of 1998 at Equitana USA in Louisville Kentucky and on the Internet. All other names and efforts to recognize a breed of horse developed by Gypsies throughout the world came after.


Returning from our fateful trip, Cindy and I sat on a plane contemplating the absurd possibility that we may have just stumbled upon an unknown breed of horse in the last decade of the twentieth century.  As wildly improbable as it seemed, consequent research confirmed that, in fact, one of the most magnificent breeds of horse the world has ever seen was not recognized, did not have a name and was not understood outside the world of Gypsies.  I cannot explain or express deeply enough the sense of responsibility that reality brought with it.